Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pay It Forward Project

-->First thing first,
We need a document no bigger (but can be smaller than) 8.5 by 11 (Which is the size most printers will use) that is easily readable and designed/illustrated uniquely since this project is certainly a unique one. The purpose of this paper is for anyone to be able to acess the design on the EnSpire blog, so they can print out their favorite design and continue the game.

It can be double sided, however, remember not everyone is very technical with printing.

These are the tings that MUST be on the paper.

1. The Poem

Creative Pay-It-Forward
by Alyssa Arter

Creative Pay-It-Forward is the name of the game
A concept forgotten- we should all be ashamed.
The idea is simple; I’ll share it with you
And once I do that, you can try it out too!

Lately, it seems, you come to my mind
And I want you to know that I hope things are fine.
I’m sending to you, just a little something
To brighten your day; that you didn’t see coming.

I hope that you smile knowing I thought of you
In return, I want you to play the game too.
Please don’t even think of sending something my way.
Pay it forward, not back. You’ll make someone’s day.

January 2013

  1. The Enspire blog link so that people will easily access and print out their favorite “Pay it Forward” game rules.
  2. An area for the person playing the game to sign or write their own note to the person they are sending it too. (Some may not choose to say who it is from).

-You can design a “To & From” tag to go along with your design for people to attach to their package.
-Be creative! That is the goal after all. We want to make people smile and get excited for this project.

We will be posting all of the entries on the Enspire Blog. We would also like to include links to your own websites/blogs to show off your art work too. I hope you get excited about this project like we are!!!

Email with questions or finished projects!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pay it Forward 2013

Hey everyone!

First it has been to long since we have been blogging and it's time we start the conversation again!

Second....Heather Sisson had a great status that I thought I would share...

"2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward : The first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime within the next year, a gift - perhaps a book, some baked goods, a candle, or some other surprise. There will be no warning, it will happen when the mood strikes me. Inbox me your address, if I don't already have it! The catch is the first 5 to respond must post this message on their Facebook page and make the same offer. Lets make 2013 a Pay-It-Forward year (sounded like a "fun" idea) *Remember, I am a crafty person and you may get something really nice!"

We encourage everyone to try! Of course we all want to use our talents to earn money, but sometimes giving can be just as rewarding. Even if it is just a silly 5 minute sketch.

Hope your 2013 year brings yourself and others plenty of joy. And we really hope you think this idea is as awesome as we do!