Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hey Everyone!

We decided if we really want to get our idea out there we needed to start a Facebook page. There we will be able to post contest photos and sort them into albums... maybe that will even be our way to have everyone vote on the winner.

We are still in our beginning stage, so if you have any questions, or suggestions feel free to let us know. Any ideas are welcome. EnSpire is about helping artists communicate with each other, and hopefully challenge them in weekly contests. We don't want to limit to only illustration or only graphic design. This group is for any artist, and if we have to, maybe we can eventually have different categories for contests. There is no limit!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Diving into a pool with no water

What? No followers yet?! (besides myself and Sam...) C'mon guys! If we post cute animal videos will you guys join us? 
Don't make us do it!

We would like to get at least 5 followers before we set you up with a challenge so for now enjoy some of the things that inspire us! 
We are hoping to post daily to keep some interest :)

Also feel free to send us questions/comments/your inspiration/worries/art in general/school/life ect
and we will answer them here. If there is anything we don't know or if the topic is more of a personal opinion then we will post it and ask our, hopefully soon to be, community to help answer! 


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome to the En Spire blog!

You are probably thinking ok what is this about? and who and why and all that jazz. Well you are in luck because the answer to those questions is what the first post is all about!

Firstly I would like to introduce both myself and one of my good friends as creators of En Spire. We are Kate and Sam. We have been close friends for a little over 3 years now and both of us graduated from Pratt Institute last May. I majored in Graphic Design and Sam in Illustration. Since being "thrown" out into the wild we have learned alot and are finding that having some kind of support system, lot's of artistic references and something to keep your mind creative are all essential to coming right out of school.

This brings us to En Spire! You know the sayings "I wish I knew then what I know now," and "I wish I had something like that when I was in school..." Well yeah En Spire is the flip-side to that. We are hoping to gather an online community where all of you college seniors, recently graduated and yeah ever you juniors, can come and, well for one, get advice on what to expect when going out on your own, and two, to stay in the game even if you have to move home and be a cashier (we both know that feeling...) 

 en spire = the space between graduating college and the design world where young creatives can gain insight and inspiration to being successful.

So take a break, kick seriously, try to relax and come help this community started! 

To keep everyone's stress levels in check and to keep our minds in imagination mode we also hope to start having contests, nothing big for now, just something fun, sometimes silly, and always promotional. Who knows, maybe a little contest project could turn into a portfolio piece? 

Let us know you are interested by following this here blog as well as our twitter!

Thanks for reading!