Monday, April 2, 2012

A Life in a Sketchbook

Hello all,

I'd like to focus on a very important topic today...keeping a sketchbook.
Seems like a no-brainer huh?
The reality is - at least for me - after school I kind of started to neglect keeping a sketchbook (a big no no).

Keeping a sketchbook is one of the most important things for any creative person to have. As I am beginning my process of setting out to re-start my sketchbooking, I looked to a blog that I have been following for quite some time now. This sketchblog is AMAZING. This artist is so talented and is a huge inspiration to me to get going on my own sketchbook.

Your sketchbook in essence is a journal of your life as a creative, it contains all your stories and inner thoughts out on paper. I have realized this is exactly what I need to be doing in order to grow as a designer. My own blog is called "Designing my life," and I think this is the perfect theme to have for a sketchbook.

Hope this inspires you guys to keep an intimate relationship with your sketchbook even after school.

Feel free to send us some pictures of your sketches (the serious and the silly) so we can see what's going on in your heads!

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